Public Safety Evidence & Readiness Center

Public Safety Evidence & Readiness Center Project Render
STATUS: The design-build team selected to deliver this project is Gilbane Building Company with Arrington Watkins Architects. Construction began in November 2020 and is expected to be complete in fall 2021.

Project Scope:

The current Police Evidence and Property facility on Litchfield Road, north of Bell Road is at 85 percent to 90 percent storage capacity. Both Surprise Police and Fire-Medical departments are storing tactical gear at various city locations, thereby reducing efficiencies that translate to quick response.

This project will design and build a joint Public Safety Evidence & Readiness Center that can support additional space for police evidence and property storage and accommodate overall public safety tactical storage in one logistics center. The location is on city-owned land at 134th and Foxfire drives.

The overall facility will be 29,000 square feet and is designed to accommodate 30 years of growth.

Cost efficiencies are gained through consolidation of two functions within one building, as it will require construction of one building, shared HVAC and water and wastewater connections.

Public Safety Operations/Readiness Needs


The Surprise Fire Medical Department (SFMD) and Police Department (PD) are the only departments in the city that are responsible for disposable logistics. The SFMD and PD also have storage requirements for reserve apparatus, regional assets, emergency medical equipment, and logistical items required for city and statewide emergency response.  A centralized storage facility would lessen the time to gather these assets during an emergency.  

In 2012, the SFMD logistics division relocated the department’s supplies to a manufactured home (former Fire Administration building) on Hollyhock Street.  This temporary enhancement allowed the department to move equipment out of various fire station storage closets into one location. Now, the department has outgrown the available footprint to operate effectively and efficiently at the Hollyhock location.

This joint Public Safety Evidence & Readiness Center would dedicate 12,000 square feet of climate-controlled public safety storage space, to optimize efficiencies by providing tactical and emergency equipment storage at a single location for PD and SFMD.

This portion of the project also includes the purchase of a forklift, repair equipment for all personal protective equipment, special cleaning equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus maintenance and testing equipment, landscaping, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Police Property and Evidence Needs

In 2005 the City of Surprise converted an existing city-owned building into a Property and Evidence Facility at 17274 N. Litchfield Road, just north of Bell Road.  Based on population growth and the corresponding increase of sworn officers, the Surprise Police Department is rapidly outgrowing the existing facility.

Currently, the warehouse portion of the facility is at approximately 85 percent capacity, the walk-in refrigerator and freezer is at 90 percent capacity, and the evidence parking/storage lot has 26 percent of the spaces filled with long-term vehicle storage (homicide vehicles).  On average, the entire evidence parking/storage lot has only 20 percent vacancy.

The combined Public Safety Evidence & Readiness Center will provide approximately 17,000 square feet for police indoor property and evidence storage and one-acre of outdoor storage. 

The new facility will include a warehouse area for general evidence and property storage; secure drug and gun rooms; evidence drying areas; walk-in freezers and refrigerators; an indoor vehicle inspection area; and administrative areas for property and evidence control and inspection. The fenced area will protect and preserve seized vehicles. A caged area within the covered parking area will be constructed so that it can hold up to 100 bicycles collected as found property for safe keeping.

This facility will allow the city to transform the existing property and evidence facility into a Surprise Police Training Facility that supports required training mandates by the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (AZPOST).

The total approximate cost to design and build this project is $9 million.

This project supports the City of Surprise City Council’s Strategic Plan Public Safety Goal 2 to provide public safety workers with the tools and training necessary to meet community public safety needs; Goal 2a which enhances the effectiveness of Police training functions by expanding its infrastructure, including the capability to conduct scenario-based training; and Goal 2e which provides necessary resources that can include equipment and facilities for public safety service providers. 

These additions are in line with the City’s continued commitment to delivering excellent policing and public safety facilities and services as outlined in the General Plan. Consequences of not proceeding with the construction of the facility could result in significant expense to rent and secure temporary storage to prevent reduced or failed criminal prosecutions.

Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $9,000,000
Operational Cost: $140,100*
Project Start: Winter 2019
Project Completion: Spring 2021
*Operating costs are net of current budgeted amounts.

134th and Foxfire drives

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