Pavement Preservation Project

Worker behind large truch speading asphalt as part of pavement preservation
STATUS: Complete

Project Scope:

Many of Surprise’s major streets are at the point in their life cycle when pavement preservation is recommended and appropriate during the next five years, with a small number of street segments requiring reconstruction. If pavement conditions are allowed to deteriorate past the point of preventative maintenance, it becomes more costly to bring them up to a condition rating of excellent.

This project would return the condition of many of the city’s major streets to “excellent condition” within a five-year period, thus increasing safety by improving ride quality and visibility of pavement markings and by reducing stopping distance, road noise, and associated wear and tear on vehicles,

The City of Surprise has more than 1,400 paved lane miles of roadways, with an estimated full replacement value of approximately $773 million. Ride quality and various pavement distresses are observed, collected, and evaluated on all city streets regularly by an independent third party in a non-subjective manner resulting in an overall condition index rating being provided to the city. The two most recent assessments were completed in 2009 and 2015. The results of these analyses confirm the city’s road network has continued to deteriorate over time. Based on the results of the 2015 pavement condition ratings, the City Council increased the annual budget for pavement preservation from the average annual funding of $1.8 million to $4.5 million in Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017, and $4.5 million remains the funding amount once again for Fiscal Year 2018. With these increased resources, Surprise has seen and will continue to see sustained improvement in the condition of its roadway network.

If approved, this bond initiative will provide pavement preservation catch up funds that will also support the city’s existing annual pavement preservation budget. Together these improvements will allow the city to maintain an average pavement condition on all city streets of good or excellent moving into the future at a much lower life cycle cost than would otherwise be necessary.

The most commonly shared pavement preservation philosophy is to “apply the right treatment to the right road at the right time.” A well-implemented pavement management system allows the City to realize the benefits of lower-cost treatments, such as preventive maintenance and rehabilitation activities, by targeting interventions before more costly replacement and reconstruction alternatives become necessary. Pavement preservation is a strategic approach that strives to provide the best return for each dollar invested by maximizing road performance, improving customer satisfaction and minimizing life-cycle costs.

Generally, light rehabilitation or preventive maintenance is more cost-effective than major rehabilitation. This includes the city’s routine crack seal program which is the most cost effective way to address preventative maintenance needs and extend the life of the pavement. The use of surface treatments, including Slurry seals and Micro-surfacing applications typically provide 7-10 years of additional service life by minimizing the deterioration of a road.

Research by the National Center for Pavement Preservation shows that spending a dollar on pavement preservation can eliminate or delay spending $6 to $14 on future rehabilitation or reconstruction costs.

Mill and Overlay treatments are considered more heavy rehabilitation and are typically cost effective treatments for pavements that have deteriorated to a mid- point in their life-cycle and where structural base issues or failures have not occurred. While the relative cost associated with this treatment is significantly higher, it does typically provide 15-20 years of additional service life.

If pavement conditions are allowed to deteriorate past the point of preventative maintenance or light or heavy rehabilitation, and structural base issues or failures have occurred, than reconstruction is required. Total reconstruction is the most costly pavement maintenance option.

The cost of this project is approximately $10 million.

This project supports the City of Surprise City Council’s Strategic Plan Transportation Goal 6 to develop and institute a plan to maintain the city’s streets and roads.
Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $10,000,000
Project Start: Summer 2018
Project Completion: Summer 2020

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Pavement Preservation Before & After

Roadway before Pavement Preservation
Roadway after Pavement Preservation