Bell & Grand Driving Patterns

Top 5 Driving Pattern Changes to Know

The newly constructed Grand Ave ramps from the Bell Rd Bridge open in February; here’s what you need to know about navigating the completed intersection!
  1. There will be an active traffic signal on the top of the Bell Rd Bridge that will connect traffic movements from the new on-off ramps to Grand Ave! Be prepared to stop at the intersection to allow Grand Ave traffic to make turning movements onto Bell Rd, and Bell Rd movements onto Grand Ave.
  2. Planning to shop at Surprise Marketplace (SW corner of Bell & Grand)? Those driving on Bell Rd should STAY on Bell Rd to access this shopping center, just west of the bridge, at the Chick-Fil-A driveway or West Point Pkwy. If you are on Grand Ave, then enter using the Bell Grande Dr entrance, just south of the bridge.
  3. If you are on Grand Ave (in either direction) and take the new ramps onto Bell Rd, you can only turn right or left onto Bell. There will be no through movement back onto Grand Ave for drivers on the ramps.
  4. Dual left turns on Bell-to-Dysart & Litchfield-to-Bell are GONE! Traffic control has returned to the pre-Bell Rd closure configuration at these intersections. The dual left turn lanes, and other detour-favoring changes, have been removed. Please be mindful of the traffic control changes.
  5. The city is actively monitoring the intersection for traffic synchronization!

* There will be a single left-turn lane at the Grand Ave-to-Bell Grande Dr intersection