Project Costs & Timeline

City Council met June 7 to discuss a potential project list that may be included in a General Obligation (GO) Bond Election in November 2016. They approved sending a $63 million initiative to the voters on the November 8, 2016 General Election ballot.

If approved by the voters, the bond initiative would result in a secondary property tax. Surprise currently does not have a secondary property tax. Below, please explore the potential capital improvement projects that the City Council identified as city priorities, following a public input period in May 2016.

Proposed Project Estimated Construction/Land Buy Cost Estimated Operational Cost/Yr General Location ExpectedTimeline
Fire Station 308 $6,300,000 $1,800,000 SWC of Litchfield & Cactus roads Jul. 2017-Aug. 2019
Permanent Fire Station 304 $7,600,000 $56,000 163rd Ave & Happy Valley Rd April 2017-Jul. 2019
Police Property & Evidence Facility $2,900,000 $50,000 Litchfield Rd, North of Bell Rd Jan. 2017-Jan. 2019
Land for Police Substation/Fire Station/Park  $4,000,000  TBD  Southwest Surprise  TBD
Public Works Operations Facility $4,600,000 $150,000 Near Cactus & Litchfield roads Jan. 2017-Sept. 2019
Greenway Road Improvement $5,100,000 $40,000 Cotton Ln - Sarival Rd Jan. 2018-Jan. 2020
Litchfield Road Improvement $3,400,000 $40,000 Sweetwater Rd - Desert Cove Jan. 2019-Nov. 2020
Regional Recreation Complex $19,100,000 $985,000 * TBD Oct. 2017-May 2021
Aquatic Center Expansion $10,000,000 $700,000 * East of current Aquatic Center on Bullard Ave Jul. 2017-Nov. 2019
Expected Timelines Incorporates land acquisition (if needed), design and construction.
* Indicates operational costs are expected to be offset by revenue generated