Public Works Operations Facility

Public Works Operations Facility

Project Scope:

This project will plan, design and construct a new Public Works Operations Facility that will house the Solid Waste, Street Maintenance, Traffic Signal Maintenance and Vehicle Maintenance operations of Public Works. A facility master plan and program has been completed identifying the appropriate space allocation for the department’s current needs and future growth. The new facility will be up to 44,000 square feet and may include a vehicle wash facility, fueling facility, and ample space for parking and circulation. The facility will also include a training room, break room, and locker rooms. The new facility will be placed on 14 acres at the city’s SPA1 South Water Reclamation Facility providing synergy and efficiencies with the city’s Water Resource Management team. Having all of these Public Works divisions on one site will create a number of cost saving efficiencies. This new facility will be designed to accommodate the next 25 years of growth.

Currently the Solid Waste and Street Maintenance divisions operate out of an industrial lot near Dysart Road and Fox Fire Ln. This facility has been expanded a number of times to accommodate the growth of the city and the department. This facility is currently over programmed and is unable to be expanded to accommodate our current and future needs. A larger facility will allow the Solid Waste and Street Maintenance employees a more efficient and safe work environment.

The Solid Waste division of Public Works operates the residential curbside garbage and recycling operation. Once a week every home in Surprise receives each service. This division also offers bulk trash pickup to resident’s whose regular sanitation service is provided by the city. Once a year this division also manages the hazardous household waste program in an effort to divert hazards from our local landfill. Along with these services the division plays a big role in educating the residents, businesses, and children of Surprise on the importance of recycling and minimizing waste. 

The Street Maintenance division of Public Works is responsible for the city’s most valuable asset, our streets. This division manages the preservation of the roadways, sidewalks, drainage facilities, roadway landscaping, and signing and striping. This is a monumental responsibility that requires specialized skills and equipment in an effort to preserve our aging infrastructure.

The current Vehicle Maintenance facility has been overcrowded over programmed for nearly 15 years raising efficiency and safety concerns. This facility is located on the corner of Grand Avenue and Dysart Road. The current facility is a pre-engineered metal building that has been expanded a number of times and is in a constant state of disrepair. This facility has 6 bays and per industry standard for our current number of vehicles and equipment there should be 11 bays. There simply is not enough space to allow for efficient maintenance and repairs, an organized parts operation, and a productive administrative area. The new facility will include up to 14 bays for the maintenance and repair of the light duty and heavy duty vehicles and equipment.

The Vehicle Maintenance Division of Public Works is responsible for the purchase, repair, maintenance and disposal of the city’s vehicles, equipment, and specialty tools. From fire trucks to lawn mowers this division is responsible for ensuring that staff can get safely rely on the tool and equipment necessary to operate the city. This division manages a very large volume of work and the new facility would allow them to restructure their current operation to fulfill industry standards and customer expectations.

The Traffic Signal Maintenance operations will also be housed with this shared facility. The Traffic Signal Technicians ensure the safe and efficient operation of our traffic Signals and Intelligent Transportation system infrastructure. The new facility will provide our technicians ample room for their maintenance, repair and replacement of tools and equipment of their current and future needs.

If approved, this new facility will bring together all of the satellite Public Works operations along with the Water Resource Management operation thus creating an improved, cohesive, and resourceful environment. Since these divisions will be coming together into one facility this provides unique opportunities for the city to utilize the vacated facilities. The Police and Fire-Medical Departments intend to utilize these facilities to store medical equipment and supplies, tactical equipment and vehicles, and utilize these spaces for training opportunities.

Current Public Works facility

Current Public Works facility
Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $4,600,000
Operational Cost: $150,000
Project Start: June 2017
Project Completion: June 2019

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