Greenway Road Improvement

Greenway Road Improvement

Project Scope:

 In 2007 the city conducted an arterial capacity study that identified all of the major arterial roadways throughout the city not currently built to their ultimate condition. The goals of the Arterial Capacity Study are rooted in traffic safety and improving traffic congestion. Greenway Road between Cotton Lane and Sarival Avenue was identified in the Arterial Capacity Study and preliminary cost models and design plans have been prepared in anticipation of construction. Please refer to attached map for project location.

With the recent completion of the State Route Loop 303, the Greenway Road alignment between Cotton Land and Sarival narrowed due to the underdeveloped nature of Greenway Rd. This project will finish the south half of Greenway Rd from 800 feet west of the State Route Loop 303 and 1600 feet east of the State Route Loop 303 (project limits).  These improvements will provide the State Route Loop 303 and Greenway interchange with the intended traffic volume to improve traffic flow and congestion along Greenway Road.

This project will deliver the full design and construction of the Greenway Road improvements between the project limits identified above.  The improvements within this segment of Greenway Road will include two additional travel lanes, provisions for drainage, sidewalks, bicycle lane, street lighting, landscaping, and turn lanes. This project will also include the relocation of existing Maricopa Water District infrastructure. 

The completion of this roadway segment supports the Economic Development and Transportation Connectivity goals outlined within the City Council’s Strategic Plan. This project also achieves the goals and objectives outlined within the voter approved General Plan, specifically section 3.0. Given the proximity of this roadway to the State Route Loop 303 and Prasada Development, these improvements will aid in the attraction of Economic Development opportunities.

The maintenance of the roadway will not be a burden on the City’s General Fund or the Public Works Department. The City of Surprise currently maintains the existing half-street improvements and the proposed full street improvements will have no significant impact on city resources.
Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $5,100,000
Operational Cost: $40,000
Project Start: Jan. 2018
Project Completion: Jan. 2020

Cotton Ln - Sarival Rd
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