Police Property & Evidence Facility

Police Property & Evidance Facility

Project Scope:

In 2005 the City of Surprise converted an existing city owned building into a Property and Evidence Facility at 17274 N. Litchfield Road.  Based on the expected population growth and the corresponding increase of sworn officers, the City of Surprise Police Department will outgrow the existing facility. Currently the warehouse portion of the facility is at approximately 85% capacity, the walk-in refrigerator and freezer is at 90% capacity, and the evidence parking/storage lot has 26% of the spaces filled with long term vehicle storage (homicide vehicles).  On average, the entire evidence parking/storage lot has only 20% vacancy.

The City proposes to design, construct/remodel a larger facility to meet the needs of the Police Department. The expanded facility will reach 13,496 square feet by adding 5,000 square feet of new construction to the building. The current facility consists of an 8,496 square foot building and a fenced parking area of 13,950 square feet (23 spaces), of which 1725 square feet (10 spaces) is covered and the current facility has only one garage stall.

This project will include expanded storage in the warehouse to include additional long term drug and weapon storage with appropriate ventilation, new walk-in refrigerators and freezers to assure biological evidence is properly preserved, additional drying cabinets to preserve blood evidence, and a holding location for items to be sold at auction or destroyed. The fenced yard will be expanded and additional covered parking will be added to protect and preserve seized vehicles. A caged area within the covered parking structure will be constructed that can hold up to 100 bicycles collected as found property or safe keeping.

These additions are in line with the City’s continued commitment to delivering excellent policing and public safety facilities and services as outlined in the General Plan. Consequences of not proceeding with the expansion of the facility could result in significant expense to rent and secure temporary storage to prevent reduced or failed criminal prosecutions.

Current Property & Evidence Facility

Current Property & Evidence facility
Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $2,900,000
Operational Cost: $50,000
Project Start: Jan. 2017
Project Completion: Jan. 2019

Litchfield, North of Bell
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