Fire Station 308

Fire Station 308

Project Scope:

The Surprise Fire Medical Department (SFMD) would like to design & build a permanent Community Fire Station (initial discussions placed this future fire station on a parcel of land owned by the City of Surprise, Southeast corner of Litchfield & Cactus). A fire station's (FS) first due area is the land / geography within a close proximity to each station. Each first due area is designed to have a five (5) minute travel time from the fire station. Each COS Fire Station has a unique first due area due to access and street networks.
In 2015 there were 1,425 calls for service in FS308's proposed first due area. Currently this area is serviced by two SFMD fire stations (FS307 / FS305) and the City of El Mirage Fire Department (FS121). Of the 1,425 calls for service, the El Mirage FD responded to 298 incidents. This means that roughly 21 percent of all calls in the southeastern section of Surprise were managed by a neighboring fire department. Additionally, these incidents had decreased performance (longer response times) due to the increased distance of FS121.

FS305 has a known issue of poor reliability due in part to the following variables: large service area and a large population base. The large population base translates to FS305 being the busiest fire station within the COS.  In 2015, FS305’s reliability to handle emergency traffic was a 58 percent, which was the lowest of all 7 SFMD fire stations. This means that 58 percent of the time, a unit from FS305 was available to handle an emergency call in the station’s first due area. Future fire station 308’s proposed first due area will include 1.5 square miles of area that is currently serviced by FS305. This reduction in FS305’s first due area will result in decreased calls for service, which will increase FS305’s overall reliability. Building FS308 will decrease response times to the emergency incidents that occur in the southeastern corner of Surprise and it will increase the reliability of FS305 and other surrounding stations.
 The Southeast corner of Surprise has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.  This is due in part to the proximity of the multiple freeways (SR 101 and SR 303) and the free trade zone.  These greatly improved roadways, coupled with a railroad line that travels right through the commercially zoned areas of south Surprise, make this an ideal location for commercial businesses of all sizes.  This area will have continued growth for years to come in both residential homes and large commercial structures.  Currently, Marley Park phase 3 and 4 are under construction, a new charter school recently opened (August of 2015), and the IRIS commercial complex is within weeks of receiving a Certificate of Occupancy. 

If approved, Fire Station 308 will be an approximately 10,000 square foot multi-bay facility. Additional features will include; required furniture, fixtures, equipment and a city fuel island. This initiative will also include the operational staffing of the station to include 16 personnel (3 Captains, 3 Engineers, 9 Firefighters assigned to three work shifts and 1 support staff) following the adopted ratio of one firefighter and .13 civilian support staff per 1,000 residents; yielding one support staff member for approximately every eight fire stations. The design of the proposed fire station will allow for the addition of a SFMD ambulance and staffing of three paramedics and three emergency technicians assigned to three work shifts. 

Based on current populations and recent land use assumptions in the Development Impact Fee Study (2013), Surprise could have a population increase of an additional 5,310 residents, bringing  the City of Surprise’s population to currently more than 128,785 residents. When the population increases by 15,000, a fire station is added based on  regional best practices. This population statistic would recommend that the City of Surprise operate 8.58 stations (currently there are 7). The addition of SFMD Fire Station 308 brings the Department in compliance with the City of Surprise City Council Public Safety Goal 3 to ensure timely and appropriate response times. Firehouse 308, at the proposed location, will decrease emergency response times and increase service levels for the residents of Surprise and some of Surprise’s largest businesses.

Bullet Points / FS 308
  • Fire Station 308 will be built on a parcel of land that is owned by the City of Surprise. 
  •  FS 308’s proposed area had 1,425 calls for service in 2015. 
  •  FS308 will increase response performance system wide and increase the reliability of all surrounding fire stations.  
  •  Adding FS308 will enable the SFMD to begin providing service to the Southeast corner of Surprise which includes some of the largest buildings and businesses in Surprise.

Fire Station 308 Service Area Map

Fire Station 308 service area map
Cost & Timeline
Project Cost: $6,300,000
Operational Cost: $1,653,000
Project Start: July 2017
Project Completion: Aug 2019

Litchfield Rd. & Cactus Rd.
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