Industrial Pretreatment

Industrial PretreatmentAll industrial facilities shall complete an Industrial Pretreatment Preliminary Survey. After review of the Preliminary Survey, the Water Resource Management Department may require the further completion of a Pretreatment Permit Application & Industrial/Commercial User Survey.

Industrial Pretreatment Permit Application

Industrial Pretreatment Preliminary Survey

Wastwater Discharge Permit Application

  • Any industrial user of the POTW shall be in compliance with all pretreatment requirements provided in this article
  • Any industrial user of the POTW shall provide, at his expense, such pretreatment as may be necessary to meet any effluent limitations of this article
  • All pretreatment facilities will be reviewed by the city for compliance with building codes and all appropriate permits shall be obtained. Approval of plans and inspection by the city shall not relieve the industrial user from complying with the pretreatment requirements provided in this article
  • The city will enforce federal pretreatment requirements as provided under Federal law
  • Where pretreatment facilities are provided for any discharge, they shall be maintained continuously in satisfactory and effective operation by the industrial user at his expense
  • A industrial user after completion Pretreatment Permit Survey maybe demeaned a Zero Discharger and issued a Zero Discharge Permit.

Adhesives manufacturing

Copper forming Iron and steel manufacturing

Food Processing

Rubber manufacturing

Paint formulating

Dye Manufacturing or Processing Laboratories

Aluminum forming Foundries (metal molding and casting)

Soap and detergent manufacturing

Pesticide chemical manufacturing

Electrical and electronic components manufacturing

Any Industry Requiring Pre-Treatment


Glass manufacturing Petroleum refining

Steam electric power generation

Asbestos manufacturing


Grain mills

Leather tanning and finishing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Sugar processing

Battery manufacturing



Mechanical product manufacturing

Porcelain enameling

Tars and asphalt paving and roof material manufacturing

Carbon black

Ferroalloy manufacturing

Manufacturing Ink formulation Printing and publishing

Metal finishing

Coil coating Inorganic chemical manufacturing Pulp, paper, and paperboard manufacturing

Textile mills


Fertilizer manufacturing


Nonferrous metal manufacturing


Timber product processing