Which container should I use for recycling?

Recycle in the Blue Can

Where do I place my container?

In neighborhoods without sidewalks, the container should be placed next to the street, but not on the asphalt. In all other areas, the cans will be collected from the street, just like regular garbage collection. Sidewalks must be kept clear for pedestrian and wheelchair access at all times.

Why didn't my recycling or garbage get dumped?

Usually it’s one of four reasons:

  • The truck came by before your container was put at the curb. Your container should be placed at the curb by 6 a.m. Don’t rely on routes being run at the same time every week.
  • It contained illegal materials such as rocks, bricks, etc., or was over the 200 pound weight limit.
  • A car or other obstacle was blocking access to the trash container
  • It’s a City holiday. Click here to download the Holiday Collection Schedule.

To request a courtesy pick-up, call 623.222.1900. If time allows, a truck may be rerouted to your home.

Where will recyclables be collected?

Every single-family residence already being serviced by the City's Public Works Division participates in the recycling program. This includes all Surprise neighborhoods that have their trash collected by the City of Surprise. Each residence receiving service will be issued a blue city-owned recycling container, and all recycling collection will take place at the public curb in front of the residences.

What can I place in my curbside container?

Click here for information on acceptable items in the blue container.

How do I get my damaged or missing trash or recycling can replaced?

For damaged or missing containers, call 623.222.1900 for repair or replacement. Allow three to five days for delivery or repair.

How do I set up service and get a trash and recycling can for my new home?

New residents should call 623.222.1900 to order a receptacle. Allow seven to 10 days for delivery. Remember, we offer free, one-time pick up of moving boxes. Boxes must be flattened and tied or taped together. To schedule a pick up, call the Public Works Department at 623.222.1900.

I am moving. How do I cancel my service?

Call Public Works at 623 222.1900 to suspend your service. There is a $55 service fee to cover the cost of can pickup, restocking and redelivery. Learn more about this service.

I am going out of town. How do I temporarily suspend my service?

Call 623.222.1900 to discontinue service. The container remains part of the property and should be left in a secure location.

What items are considered "hazardous waste"?

Click here for Hazardous Material Collection Information.