Curbside Recycling


Curbside Recycling Information

Be a wise recycler, and help the environment!

Recycling Guide

The following is a guide for what can and cannot be recycled in the blue container.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 623.222.1900

Do Recycle:

Recycle Glass
All glass accepted. No color restrictions. Note: Glass cookware, construction glass, mirrors and car windshields cannot be recycled in the blue bin.

Recycle Paper
Newspapers and ad inserts, magazines, catalogs, phone books, white paper, paper bags, junk mail, envelopes and any other clean dry paper. Please place shredded paper in a clear plastic bag.

Recycle Cardboard
Empty food boxes like cake, cracker and cereal boxes (without plastic insert), milk and OJ cartons, paper towel tubes, broken down large boxes.

Recycle Food and Beverage Cans
Aluminum beverage cans and steel cans like soup, pet food, tuna, fruit and vegetable.

Recycle Empty Aerosol Cans
Shaving cream, deodorant, and cooking spray.

Recycle Plastics
Any #1 - #7 Plastic container.

Do Not Recycle:

No Styrofoam
Food containers, cups, plates, egg cartons, packing material and peanuts.

No glass cookware, car windshields, mirrors or construction glass.

No garbage
Diapers, air or furnace filters, pet waste, food, garden hoses.

No yard waste
Grass, rocks, leaves, branches. See bulk trash collection info or visit Northwest Regional Landfill.

No construction materials
Cement, wood, shingles, drywall, construction glass. To dispose of these items, visit Northwest Regional Landfill.

No plastic bags, motor oil containers, shrink wrap

No clothing or shoes

No automotive parts, car tires, or batteries
No appliances or electronics
If you do, the whole bag gets tossed into the trash and is weighed as contaminated recycling. 

Don't have curbside recycling? Use one of our drop-off locations.