Curbside Recycling


Curbside Recycling Information

Due to soaring operational recycling costs and plunging commodity prices for many recyclables the city will begin diverting recycle material to the landfill until cost-effective solutions are identified. During this time, residents are asked to continue placing clean and dry recycled items in the blue container and keep bagged trash in the black container. View additional details and FAQ’s.

Recycling Guide

Place your trash and recycling containers on the curb by 6 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

Do Recycle:

Recycle Paper

Newspapers and ad inserts, magazines, catalogs, phone books, white paper, paper bags, junk mail, envelopes and any other clean dry paper. Please place shredded paper in a clear plastic bag.

Recycle Cardboard

Empty food boxes like cake, cracker and cereal boxes (without plastic insert), milk and OJ cartons, paper towel tubes, broken down large boxes.

Recycle Cans

Aluminum beverage cans and steel cans like soup, pet food, tuna, fruit and vegetable.

Recycle Plastics

Plastic milk and juice jugs, water bottles.

Here are some recycling best practices to keep in mind:


If you do, the whole bag gets tossed into the trash and is weighed as contaminated recycling. 

Clean your recyclables!

Leftover food and container remnants are considered contamination and result in your recyclables being tossed in the trash. This can be avoided by simply rinsing your recyclables.

Place your trash and recycling bins on the curb at the same time on your scheduled collection day

If you don’t see an item listed, don’t recycle it!

Remember to keep it simple; only recycle cardboard, paper, plastic bottles and aluminum cans!