Public Safety Proposal - Exhibit A

Courtroom Accessibility and Safety Improvements

In 2014 the Surprise City Court embarked on a project to upgrade the courtroom audio/video equipment for each of their three courtrooms. This upgrade was funded with Municipal Court Enhancement special revenue funds. The City of Surprise Information Technology Department has determined that a second phase will be required to complete this upgrade due to a funding shortfall with the first phase of the project. The Court has determined that monies generated in the Municipal Court Account will be insufficient to fund this second phase of this project.

The Surprise City Court is legally mandated to retain an accurate and clear audio record of all legal proceedings. The Court's existing equipment has been negatively impacted by poor quality service contracts, inability to obtain replacement parts due to age, and limited technical support due to the proprietary rights to the previous vendor. The City of Surprise Information Technology Department has identified the enhancements necessary to ensure the reliability and integrity of the recording equipment in order to achieve optimal results.

The upgraded equipment will not only affect reliability but will also reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep the system in top operating condition.

Fire Station 308 (Cactus & Litchfield)

Fire-Station-308-Map  Fire-Station-308-Render

The Surprise Fire Medical Department (SFMD) would like to design & build a permanent Community Fire Station (initial discussions placed this future fire station on a parcel of land owned by the City of Surprise, Southeast corner of Litchfield & Cactus). A fire station's (FS) first due area is the land / geography within a close proximity to each station. Each first due area is designed to have a five (5) minute travel time from the fire station. Each COS Fire Station has a unique first due area due to access and street networks.

In 2014 there were 883 calls for service in FS308's proposed first due area. Currently this area is serviced by SFMD FS307 and the City of El Mirage Fire Department FS121. Of the 883 calls for service, the El Mirage FD responded 748 times (84%). In other words, 84% of the calls in the Southeast corner of our City were run by a neighboring fire department.

The Southeast corner of our city has experienced tremendous growth due to proximity to the SR Loop 101 & 303, improved roadways and the rail line traveling thru the commercial area. This area continues to grow in both residential homes and large commercial occupancies. Currently Marley Park phase 3 & 4 are starting infrastructure installs and the IRIS commercial complex at build out will be more than 300,000 square feet in a single building.

The above mentioned growth will undoubtedly generate an increased number of calls for service in FS308's first due area. Additionally if this area does not receive a permanent facility, the largest business' and manufacturer's will continue to be serviced by a neighboring Fire Department with increasing response times.

If funded, fire station 308 will be a multi-bay facility totalling approximately 10,000 square feet. Additional features would include; required furniture, fixtures, equipment & a city fuel island. This initiative will also include the operational staffing of the station to include 16 personnel (3 Captains, 3 Engineers, 9 Firefighters and 1 support staff) following the adopted ratio of one firefighter and .13 civilian support staff per 1,000 residents; yielding one support staff approximately every eighth fire station. A recent study assessed the sworn to civilian ratio of 13 participating Valley Cities and Surprise was ranked last.

Based on current populations and recent land use assumptions in the Development Impact Fee Study (2013), Surprise could have a population increase of an additional 5,310 residents bringing us up to a population of 128,785. Regional best practices call for a new Fire Station every 15,000 increase in population. This population would recommend that the City operates 8.58 stations (currently there are 7). Adding Surprise Fire Medical Department Station 308 complies with the City of Surprise City Council Public Safety Goal 3 to ensure timely and appropriate response times. An additional station at the proposed location will decrease emergency response times and increase service levels for the residents of Surprise and some of Surprise's largest business.

Adaptive Response Unit

Due to service needs and increasing response times, the SFMD would like to purchase a new fire engine and hire manpower that will be used as an Adaptive Response Unit (ARU). An ARU is a fire department emergency response apparatus that complements existing emergency apparatus by mitigating emergency calls during times of heavy call volume and mandatory department training needs. The ARU will be a full service engine company, exactly comparable to an existing engine company at neighboring fire stations. The only difference is that the ARU will be staffed and operational on a 40 hour schedule during times when incidents responses are at a peak and department training needs are high. Having one additional apparatus during our busiest times will: decrease response times, increase performance on escalating incidents & improve unit reliability at our busiest fire station.

The City of Surprise Fire-Medical Department (COSFMD) has a dramatic increase in call volume during the day, typically beginning around 8 AM and slowly tapering off near 8pm. The increase in call volume within the City of Surprise (COS) is consistent with national trends for Fire Departments around the United States. The ARU will provide the Fire Department with the flexibility to increase manpower during times of peak activity without adding the costly expense of staffing a full time engine company 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Staffing for the ARU will mirror current deployment standards consisting of four personnel. The ARU will be comprised of a Company Officer (Captain), Fire Engineer (Pump Operator) and two Firefighters. Additionally, the ARU will be an Advanced Life Support (ALS) unit. Due to the ALS capability, the minimum staffing will also require at least two (2) of the staff members to be Certified Emergency Paramedics.

A fire station's (FS) assigned area is the land / geography within a close proximity to each station. Each fire station's assigned area is designed to have a five (5) minute travel time from the station. Each COS Fire Station has a unique assigned area & FS 305's assigned area is the busiest of all seven SFMD fire stations. Within FS 305's assigned area there are five large apartment complexes, five schools, three elderly care facilities and one additional care facility that is currently under construction. The increased population density directly relates to the increased call volume in this area. Last year during 2014, there were 3,274 calls for service in this area and the SFMD is projecting that the call volume will increase in 2015 to more than 3,400 calls for service.

Fire station 305 ran 63% of the emergency calls that occurred in their assigned area (2055/3274). The remaining 37% of emergency calls were mitigated by neighboring fire stations / fire departments. Neighboring stations that responded, experienced increased travel times due to the increased distance & thus had overall increased total response times. In 2014, when units from neighboring stations responded into FS305's service area there was a 22% decrease in performance.

These response times by neighboring stations, exceed the SFMD travel time goal for high priority incidents. The SFMD travel time response goal is to respond to all high priority incidents with a travel time of 5 minutes or less 90% of the time.

Fire Station 305's reliability at 63%, is the lowest of any SFMD fire station. This low reliability is due to increased population density, high call volume and an increased training schedule for Haz Mat compliance (L305 is a member of the regional Hazardous Materials response team and trains weekly off site).

Due to the high percentage of unreliability two things happen. First, the SFMD has to send a unit from another 1st due to cover that call for service. With this shift in resources another 1st due area then becomes uncovered. Secondly, it causes the response time for that incident to be elevated due to a longer travel route.

Adding an ARU unit to the COSFMD aligns with the COS City Council Public Safety Goal 3C of ensuring timely and appropriate response times. If this initiative is not funded the COS and it's residents can expect a steady decline in both response times and overall reliability of units from FS305.

Property & Evidence Facility- Police

Police-Property-Evidence-Facility  Police-Property-Evidence-Facility-Inside

In 2005 the City of Surprise converted an existing city owned building into a Property and Evidence Facility at 17274 N. Litchfield Road. Based on the expected population growth and the corresponding increase of sworn officers, the City of Surprise Police Department will outgrow the existing facility. Currently the warehouse portion of the facility is at approximately 85% capacity and the walk-in refrigerator and freezer is at 90% capacity. The City proposes to design, construct/remodel a larger facility to meet the needs of the Police Department. The expanded facility will reach 13,496 square feet by adding 5,000 square feet of new construction to the building. The current facility consists of an 8,496 square foot building and a fenced parking area of 13,950 square feet, of which 1725 square feet is covered. This project will include expanded storage in the warehouse, as well as new walk-in refrigerators and freezers to assure biological evidence is properly preserved. The fenced yard will be expanded and additional covered parking will be added to protect and preserve seized vehicles. These additions are in line with the City's continued commitment to delivering excellent policing and public safety facilities and services as outlined in the General Plan. Consequences of not proceeding with the expansion of the facility could result in significant expense to rent and secure temporary storage to prevent reduced or failed criminal prosecutions.