Sign Code Update

The City of Surprise is in the process of amending City Code Chapter 113, which deals with signs.

Throughout the process, staff will be conducting stakeholder meetings and community outreach. These meetings will follow a parallel track with the policy and general direction discussion with the City Council. Staff will also invite stakeholders and the general public to provide comments and feedback throughout the process.

A City Council work session on September 22, 2015 included an overview of why the code is in need of an update and the types of signage that will be covered in the code amendment:

Download the staff PowerPoint presentation to Council (9/22).

The timeline for the Sign Code Update is as follows (timeline is subject to change):

Activity Approximate Date
1st draft language out for internal review October 1
2nd draft language out for public review October 15
Stakeholder meeting Early November, 2015
3rd draft out for internal and public review Early December, 2015
Planning & Zoning Commission Public Hearing Mid-January, 2016
City Council Public Hearing Mid-February, 2016

For questions regarding the update to the sign code, please contact Robert Kuhfuss at or 623.222.3137.