Ambulance Service Fire-Medical

The Surprise Fire-Medical Department (SFMD) is proud to provide transport services through the paramedic ground ambulance program. City of Surprise residents will continue to receive exceptional service with paramedics stationed throughout the city. In addition to seven engine companies and a ladder/ ladder tender company, four paramedic ambulances allows the Surprise Fire-Medical Department to offer innovative, flexible and quality service to residents and visitors. The Surprise Fire-Medical Department is anticipating the addition more ground ambulances in the near future.

These paramedic ambulances are assigned to Fire Stations 301, 302, 303, and 305.  Ambulances will respond with one of the Engine or Ladder companies stationed throughout the city. The Department's ground ambulance program expedites the arrival of a transport ambulance and aids in the rapid treatment and transport to the emergency room.

Emergency medical care, paramedic service and efficient transportation for our residents have always been priorities for the Surprise Fire-Medical Department. By offering ambulance and transportation services the Medical Division of the department plans on enhancing services in conjunction with Rural Metro, the city’s current ambulance provider. The Surprise Fire-Medical Department ambulance program was successfully implemented in November 2015 and continues to develop and grow. The goal of Fire Administration is to continually anticipate, evaluate and meet the changing needs of our community and provide the best possible service.

The Fire-Medical Department currently provides the Emergency Medical Services for the city of Surprise, both in a Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support level, with the addition of paramedic ground ambulance transportation to strengthen the desire for a timely response and transport. This is accomplished by responding with the closest Engine or Ladder Company to begin treatment and the closest Medic Ambulance to provide additional Advanced Life Support and any transportation that might be needed. All fire suppression personnel are currently trained at the EMT or EMT-Paramedic level.

Paramedics in the city of Surprise are trained to the highest level in Arizona and are capable of administering all the approved advanced skills in the Arizona Department of Health paramedic expanded scope of practice.

The Surprise Fire-Medical Department Emergency Medical Division is always available for any questions or comments. So please, contact the Emergency Medical Division at 623.222.5054 or email us at medicalservices@surpriseaz.gov.