Barricade Permit Procedures

All vehicular and pedestrian restrictions require a barricade permit; this includes streets, sidewalks and alleys. This webpage provides the information needed to comply with the City of Surprise Temporary Work Zone Traffic Management Policy. Traffic control shall comply with these special provisions and follow the guidelines in the latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and/or the City of Phoenix Traffic Barricade Manual.
1Any entity with the desire to set and/or remove traffic control is required to be registered with an annual permit from the City of Surprise.

2Contractors must use a barricade company that has been registered with an annual barricade permit with the City of Surprise. (Click for a list of certified companies)

3A traffic control plan (TCP) must be submitted at least two (2) working days prior to the start of a scheduled restriction or (20) working days for a closure. Each plan must be accompanied by a Traffic Control Plan submittal form for traffic restrictions or closures.

4Each Plan will be reviewed and a closure fee will be assessed (if applicable) according to the traffic control setup and dates shown on the plan and submittal form. Each plan must be submitted with a City of Surprise permit number (example: E15P-0000) and completed submittal form.

5If fees are involved the contractor or designee must take the approved closure submittal form and fee payment associated with the closure to the 1st floor counter at City Hall; the TCP will then be approved. Approved TCP's must be present at the work site at all times.

6If a restriction extension is requested, a new plan and information sheet must be submitted and the closure fees will need to be paid (if applicable) prior to expiration date of the original TCP.

7All restrictions on city of Surprise streets and right-of-way are susceptible to civil sanctions if the restriction is in violation of the City of Surprise Traffic Management Ordinance.

8If you have questions regarding the barricade permit process or different parts of your project related to right-of-way closure, please contact Traffic Engineering at (623) 222-1734 or email by clicking this link.

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