Capital Improvement Funding Exploratory Committee

About the Committee

City Council formed a Capital Improvement Funding Exploratory (CIFE) Committee in February 2015 to review and educate themselves on the potential use of general obligation bonds to fund specific capital improvement projects.

Committee Makeup: Planning and Zoning Commission; Community and Recreation Advisory Commission; 2 members from the Dysart USD, 1 Nadaburg School District delegate and a Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce participant to serve as committee chair.

Committee Action: The committee met on March 18, April 9 and April 22, to review and educate themselves on the use of general obligation bonds to fund specific capital improvement projects as set forth in Exhibit A: Transportation, Public Safety and Parks & Rec Proposals; identify appropriate communication methods for educating residents and voters; determine if any CIP items on the Secondary Project List or Exhibit B are more appropriate to add to a potential bond initiative.

At the April 22 meeting the committee agreed to add three proposed capital project lists, in varying bond amounts, to their Final Report. The lists include projects totaling $50 million, $60 million and $75 million. The recommended projects highlighted in green do not exceed the bond maximum. The projects highlighted in yellow received tie votes and combined exceed the bond maximum.

Their Final Report was presented to the City Council in the May 19 City Council Special Session.

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Through public discussions in May and June, the City Council reached consensus to not put a bond initiative on the 2015 ballot.

CIF Committee Chair:
Diane McCarthy
Capitol Improvement Funding Exploratory Chair
CIF Committee Vice Chair:
Ken Chapman
P&Z Commission Chair
Wayne Turner
Community & Recreation Advisory Commission Chair
CIF Committee Members:
Matthew Keating
P&Z Commission Vice Chair
Dennis Bash P&Z Commission
Gisele Norberg
P&Z Commission
Eric Cultum P&Z Commission
Mitchell Rosenbaum
P&Z Commission
Dennis Smith
P&Z Commission
Mark Brown
Community & Recreation Advisory Commission
Ron Jensen
Community & Recreation Advisory Commission
Monique Hernandez
Community & Recreation Advisory Commission
Michael Planeta
Community & Recreation Advisory Commission
David Sanders
Community & Recreation Advisory Commission
Charlie Woodland Community & Recreation Advisory Commission
Ben Goodman
Superintendent, Nadaburg Unified School District
Jack Easton
Executive Director of Business Services
Dysart Unified School District
Kathy Hill
Director of Federal Projects and Community Outreach
Dysart Unified School District

Surprise Bond Citizens Committee Meetings (CIFE)

April 19, 2017 Meeting - Agenda | Mintues

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