Competitive Youth Volleyball

This program will provide youth athletes with the opportunity to participate in an organized, local league that will introduce them to relative playing time, rules, standings and player development. While emphasis will remain on basic fundamentals, sportsmanship, and cooperative participation and socialization with peers, this program differs from recreational sports in that there are NO MANDATORY PLAYING TIME RULES. The Competitive Volleyball League will follow modified NFHS rules, and is intended for experienced players only. Participants will go through a skills evaluation and will be drafted onto a team. Special requests are not honored in competitive programs. Teams will play 7 league games and participate in a single elimination tournament to conclude the season.

Competitive Volleyball Registration Info

Ages: 12 - 17
Registration Dates: September 3 - 21
Saturday Registration: September 21 (8 - 11 a.m.)
League Dates: October - December 
15 & Under
17 & Under