2021 Fines & Restitution Calculator

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28-448A - F.T.Report Name/Address Change; On Registration
28-644A1 - F.T.Obey Traffic Control Device
28-645A3A - F.T.Stop For Red Light
28-645A3B - Right Turn On Red Violation
28-645A3C - Illegal Left Turn On Red Light
28-646A2 - Pedestrian Viol. Of Pedestrain Control Signal
28-647.1 - F.T.Obey Flashing Red Stop Signal
28-647.2 - F.T.Obey Flashing Yellow Caution Signal
28-651 - Use Of Private Property To Avoid Traff. Control Device
28-701A+ - Speeding; Exceeding 00-09 Mph Over
28-701A+ - Speeding; Exceeding 10-15 Mph Over
28-701A+ - Speeding; Exceeding 16-20 Mph Over
28-701A+ - Speeding; Exceeding 21-29 Mph Over
28-701E - Speed Less Than Reasonable & Prudent
28-702.01A - Speed Less Than 55 Mph/ Waste Of A Finite Resource
28-702.01C - Speed More Than 65 Mph
28-704A - Speed Not To Impede Traffic
28-721A - F.T.Drive On Right Side Of Road
28-725 - Limitations - Overtaking On Left
28-728B - Roadway Designated One-Way
28-729.1 - Drive In One Lane; Unsafe Lane Change
28-730A - Following Too Closely
28-731 - Driving On Median
28-751.1 - Improper Position For Right Turn
28-751.2 - Improper Position For Left Turn
28-751.3 - F.T.Obey Turn Signal/ Marker
28-751.4B - Improper Use Of Left Turn Lane
28-754A - F.T.Use Turn Signal
28-754B - F.T. Signal For 100' Prior To Turn
28-771A - F.T.Yield @ Intersection
28-772 - F.T.Yield On Left Turn @ Intersection
28-773 - Stop Sign/ Stop & Yield To Vehs At Intersection
28-774 - F.T.Yield From Private Road Or Drive
28-775A1 - F.T.Yield To Emergency Vehicle
28-775A2 - F.T.Yield To Right Curb-Emergency Veh. Approaching
28-775A3 - F.T.Stop For Emergency Vehicle
28-792A - F.T.Yield To Pedestrian In Crosswalk
28-793C - Crossing @ Other Than Crosswalk
28-797F - School Zone Speed Violation
28-797G - F.T.Stop/ Person In School Crossing
28-797H - School Zone Speed Violation - Signs Present
28-855B - Stop Sign Violation
28-856.1 - Stop Rqd From Alley/ Driveway
28-856.3 - Yield Entering Rd Fr Alley/ Driveway
28-871A - Stop/ Stand/ Park Violation
28-891A - Backing Not In Safety
28-904A - Driving On Sidewalk Prohibited
28-907A - Child Passenger Restraint System Reqd.
28-907B - Rqd Restraint System - Child 5-9 Yrs < 4'9"
28-909A1 - Seat Belt Violation
28-909B1 - Seat Belt Violation- Front Passenger Under 16 Y.O.A.
28-914A1A - Use of Portable Wireless Communication Device While Driving
28-914A1B - Use of Portable Wireless Communication Device While Driving
28-914A2 - Use of Portable Wireless Communication Device While Driving
28-922 - No Headlights On @ Night
28-924A - Two Head Lamps Rqd
28-925A - Red Tail Lamps Reqd.
28-925C - Improper Light On License Plate
28-927 - No Brake Lights
28-931C1 - Improper Stop/ Signal Lamp Color
28-939B - Stop Lamp Violation
28-939B2 - White Light To Rear
28-942.1 - F.T.Dim Lights From Front
28-947B - Improper Use Of Red Lights (Front)
28-953C - Brakes On Atv's & Motor Driven Cycles
28-955A - Exhaust/Muffler Violation- Noise
28-957.01A - Adequate Windshield Rqd On Vehicle
28-958.01A - No Rear Fender Splash Guards
28-959.01B - Improper Material On Windows/ Windshield
28-959.01C - Improper Tint On Windows/ Windshield
28-964A - No Motorcycle/ Atv Helmet/ Eye Protection
28-981.A1 - Equipment Not In Good Working Order
28-981.A2 - Uinsafe/ Endangering Vehicle
28-2058A2B - F.T. Transfer Title W/In 15 Days
28-2153A - No Current Registration
28-2155B - Non Permitted Use Of 1-Day Regis Permit
28-2158C - F.T.Carry Vehicle Registration Card
28-2354A1 - No Rear License Plate As Reqd.
28-2354B3 - License Plate Not In Visible Position
28-3151A - No Valid Driver's License
28-3169A - No Legible Driver's License In Possession
28-3475 - Permit Unauthorized Person To Drive
54-8B - Use of Handheld Mobile telephone or Portable Electronic Device
54-89A1 - Parking On A Sidewalk
54-89A2 - Parking In Front Of A Public Or Private Driveway
54-89A3 - Parking Within An Intersection
54-89A4 - Parking Within 15' Of A Fire Hydrant
54-89A5 - Parking On A Crosswalk
54-89A13 - Parking Where Signs Prohibit Standing/ Stopping
54-89A14 - Parking - Fire Lane
54-89A15 - Parking - Physically Disabled Space
54-89B - Facing Wrong Direction/ Right Wheels More Than 18" From Curb
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