Election 2013 FAQ's


Question: What will Surprise voters be voting on, starting with the August 27th Primary Election?

Answer: This will be a district election for the positions of Districts 1 (Acacia), 5 (Palm) and 6 (Palo Verde). Please note that in 2011 the City redistricted so the district boundary lines are now different. Please visit My Surprise Address on our website www.surpriseaz.gov to find out what district you live in.

Question: What happens if a winner is not determined in the Primary, will the candidates square off in the General Election on Nov. 5th?

Answer: Yes that is correct. In order to determine a winner in the Primary, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast to be elected to a seat. “Votes cast” is the same as a “ballot”. In other words, a candidate would need to receive 50%, plus one vote to be declared a winner in the Primary.

Question: What else will be on the November ballot?

Answer: If a run-off election is necessary, then of course those races will be added to the General Election as well as any other special ballot issues that may arise.

Question: For those residents who have yet to register to vote, what is the process and deadline for doing so?

Answer: For voter convenience, you can register online by visiting the Maricopa County Elections website at: www.recorder.maricopa.gov. or you can stop by the City Clerk’s Office Monday – Thursday, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. to register in person. Voter registration deadline for the August 27th Primary Election is July 29th.

We also encourage voters to sign up for the Early Voter List so that they can receive all election ballots in the mail automatically which would include County/State ballot issues. This form can also be found on the County website listed above.

Question: All city elections are conducted by mail ballots, correct?

Answer: Yes, this is correct for the most part, unless there is a need to call a Special Election called by the State or County for a Referendum, Initiative or Recall election. In this case, we would be able to take advantage of combining a Special Election with a County or State ballot if it does not fall within our regular election cycle. If we combine with County/State election ballots, we would need to have our issues added to their ballots. What this means is that unless you are on the permanent early voter list, you would need to request a ballot through Maricopa County or by visiting your designated polling location that is listed on the publicity pamphlets mailed to you prior to the election.

Question: When will the ballots be mailed out?

Answer: Ballots are scheduled to be mailed to all registered voters within the Surprise City limits on August 1st - 26 days prior to the election as required by State law.

Question: Once you receive a mail ballot, can you fill it out and mail it back in or drop it off at the Clerk’s Office at City Hall?

Answer: Yes, that is correct. For City elections only, the City Clerk’s Office will be the only designated Replacement Ballot location and ballot drop off site for the Primary and General election if applicable. When I refer to replacement ballot, this means that the Clerk’s Office would be able to issue you a new ballot if your ballot was lost, spoiled or if you received the wrong ballot, or did not receive a ballot at all.

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Question: What if a resident is not home during the election cycle, what can they do to receive their ballot?

Answer: A resident can request that their ballot be forwarded to a temporary address by following these instructions:

The written request must include the voter’s signature for verification purposes. This written request must include the following:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • AZ Residence Address
  • Temporary Mail-To address
  • Signature
  • Note requesting that we send the early ballot to the mail-to address provided & an indication as to what election this request to forward is for
Voters can fax this written request to 602-506-5112 or you can mail it to:

510 S 3RD AVE

Question: For additional election information where can people go?

Answer: City Clerk’s web page at www.surpriseaz.gov, or call 623-222-1220. We have placed Candidate paperwork online (Statement of Organizations or $500. Threshold Exemption Statements) and will be filing all candidate Campaign Finance Reports and other required documents. This information will be located under the Elections 2013 tab.

Thank you,

Sherry Ann Aguilar,

City Clerk, MMC