Lifepak15 Heart Monitors

The Emergency Medical Services Division (EMS) during 2011 has continued the advancements started in 2010. The EKG automatically transmitting to the hospital is fully implemented and has proven successful. Early recognition of a heart attack, automatic transmission of the EKG, and the care team being activated has become a reachable goal. At this time, 3 new Lifepak15 heart monitors are in service.

This new technology proved to significantly reduce the time from call dispatch to the patient receiving cardiac cath lab services at the hospital. Full implementation of digital transmission is expected in early 2011.

In April 2010, EMS also fully implemented the use of Electronic Patient Care Reports (ePCR). Through the use of ePCR we are currently collecting baseline data for analysis purposes. This trending has enabled us to enhance our Quality Assurance process and will assist us in building our Community outreach needs. As part of the new Quality Assurance process, the EMS Division has developed an in-house EMS training program. For the training program, 13 Fire Department members obtained instructor certifications in various EMS educational programs.