2012 National Citizen Survey Results

The City of Surprise is a great place to live! According to the 2012 National Citizens Survey, 93% of residents say they would recommend Surprise as a place to live!

Here are just a few of the areas in which Surprise outperforms peer surveyed cities:

  • Recommend living here
  • Overall cleanliness
  • Quality of new development
  • Sanitation & recycling service
  • Senior Services
  • Safe community
  • Great place to retire
  • Sewer service/Storm drainage
  • Street repair, cleaning & lighting
  • Openness/Acceptance toward diverse backgrounds

The survey also revealed areas in which the City can improve:

  • Cultural amenities
  • Youth Services
  • Open Space Preservation
  • More entertainment & retail options
  • Transportation (more east-west crossings; public transit)

Want to see for yourself?

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2012 National Citizens Survey- City of Surprise
Report of Open-ended Question
Benchmark Report and Peer Cities List
Geographic Subgroup Comparison Report

More than 1,000 randomly-selected Surprise households received this year’s survey. The response rate was 32%, considered average for this type of survey, with a margin of error of plus/minus 5%.

The City of Surprise appreciates the residents’ time in participating in this survey.