Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Responsible Owner
Being a responsible pet owner is much more than providing water, food and shelter. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment. Be kind to your pet and show them love. You are their world.

  • Spay and neuter your pet. There are too many homeless animals. Don't add to the problem.
  • Provide veterinary care for your pet. Keep their vaccinations up to date and make sure they have an annual check-up.
  • License your dog with Maricopa County every year. It's the Law!
  • Don't let you pet run loose; dogs must be on a leash or in a fenced area.
  • Keep and I.D. on your pets (cats included).
  • Obedience train and socialize your animal.
  • Make sure your pet gets the proper exercise.
  • Don't make your dog a "backyard dog". Dogs thrive on companionship.
  • Never leave your pet in a car on a warm day or in the yard without shade and water. Risking your pet's life is against the law.
  • Be considerate to your pet during the holidays like Fourth of July and Halloween when loud noises can scare your pet. Secure your pet indoors to protect them.