Pavement Preservation Program

The Public Works Department’s Pavement Preservation Program is an annual program in which identified city streets receive appropriate applications to lengthen the life of the street surface. The identified city streets are selected by conducting a pavement surface inspection and receiving an overall condition index rating.

The city’s Pavement Preservation Program runs annually from September through June. Residents living in areas targeted for treatment will receive a “48 hour” notice before the work begins via a door hanger. Crack sealing is a quick drying and steady pace process that continues throughout the year. It is the only application where residents will not receive a “48 hour” notice for this treatment but we ask residents to be aware of temporary “Fresh Oil” signs and mobile work crews installing the treatment throughout our city roadways. Contact information for residents requiring special assistance during the street treatments will be provided on the door hangers.

  1. FY21 Pavement Preservation Schedules and Maps

    Bell Road, Loop 303 to just west of Reems Road
    September 26-October 1; October 4-8; October 28
    All of the Milling and Paving will be done between the hours of 7 p.m. – 5 a.m.

    Two lanes of travel will be maintained in each direction during the day, until 9 p.m.; one lane in each direction will be open from 9 p.m. - 5 a.m.
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  2. Parkview Place, Bell Road to Greenway Road
    October 15-23, 2021
    Milling work will occur overnight between the hours of 8 p.m. – 5 a.m. Paving work will occur during the day from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Motorists can expect lane restrictions during the milling and paving work.
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  3. Fiber Slurry Pavement Preservation locations

    These projects will have lane restrictions as well as some full closures. Work will take place day and night, depending on the location. Nighttime work hours are 7 p.m. - 5 a.m. and daytime hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    This will also affect some residential streets. Residents in those areas will receive door hangers alerting them of any closures.

    Fiber Slurry Map
    Residential Slurry Placement Maps

    *Indicates a flagger will be present to direct traffic

    • Yorkshire Dr, Grand Ave to Dead End:
      10/18 - Night (Monday) / Lane restrictions*
      11/3 - Night (Wednesday) / Lane restrictions*
    • Mt. View Blvd, Loop 303 to Sky Mist Way:
      10/21, 10/22 - Day (Thursday & Friday) / Lane restrictions
      10/27, 10/28 - Day (Wednesday & Thursday) / Lane restrictions
    • Palmview Ln, Clearview Blvd to Eastham:
      10/22 - Day (Friday) / Lane restrictions*
      10/28 - Day (Thursday) / Lane restrictions*
    • Cactus Rd, Perryville Rd to Citrus Rd:
      10/23 - Day (Saturday) / Full closure
    • Peoria Ave, 303 to Sarival:
      10/23 - Day (Saturday) / Full closure
    • SCG The Pinnacle:
      10/25 - Day (Monday) / Split closures
      1st Lift in the morning and 2nd Lift in the afternoon
    • Rancho Gabriela:
      10/25 - Day (Monday) / Split closures
    • Kingswood Park Phase 1, Parcel 17:
      10/29-11/2 - Day (Friday-Tuesday) / Split closures
    • SCG Grand Desert Canyon:
      10/29-11/3 - Day (Friday-Wednesday) / Split closures
    • Bellwest Ranch:
      10/29-11/3 - Day (Friday-Wednesday) / Split closures
    • Perryville Rd, Peoria Ave to Cactus Rd:
      10/30 - Day (Saturday) / Lane restrictions
    • 137th Ave, Greenway Rd to Waddell Rd:
      11/3 - Night (Wednesday) / Full closure


CRACK SEALING is a hot applied treatment made to prevent moisture and debris from entering cracks in the pavement.

MASTER SEAL MTR or PMM, is a tire rubber modified, asphalt emulsion surface sealer, also identified as an asphalt rejuvenator that provides wear and weather resistance and slows down oxidation.

CHIP SEAL is a light rehabilitation pavement surface treatment that combines layers of asphalt with layers of fine aggregate that extends the life of the pavement and provides a good driving surface and improves friction.

MICRO SURFACING is applied to inhibit raveling and oxidation, as well as improving surface friction and filling minor irregularities and rutting in a roadway.

TYPE II SLURRY SEAL is a good solution for roads that are in the early stage of deterioration. Slurry Seal helps in filling small cracks and improves ride quality.

MILL & OVERLAY is a major rehabilitation which requires milling the existing roadway down 1”-2” and installing a new hot applied asphalt surface to extend the life and avoid a complete removal and replacement. Mill and Overlay assists in restoring friction, surface drainage, corrects surface irregularities, and improves ride quality.

GUARD TOP is applied under the street treatment. It is similar to PMM and Master Seal MTR.

BONDED WEARING COURSE is a 1” to 1.25” thin mill and inlay process, that is applied to inhibit raveling and oxidation, as well as improving surface friction and filling minor irregularities and rutting in the roadway.