2010 National Citizen Survey Results

For the first time, The City of Surprise has participated in the National Citizen Survey, a respected survey of public opinion about community characteristics and services performed in approximately 500 municipalities around the country, including 18 in Arizona. On this site you can read the entire report on .pdf files, or view the results by clicking on the characteristics or service categories below.

87% of Surprise residents rated the overall quality of life in Surprise as “Excellent “ or “Good.” 91% said they would recommend Surprise as a place to live.

Residents gave the cleanliness of the community and the overall appearance of Surprise the most favorable ratings, according to the report. The two characteristics with the least positive ratings were ease of bus travel and employment opportunities in Surprise.

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Benchmark Report
Demographic Subgroup Comparisons Report
Geographic Subgroup Comparisons Report
Open End Report


Representative sample of 1200 households 409 obtained or 37%

  • High end of normal (range is 25% to 40%)
  • Margin of error: +/- 5%

Statistically weighted to reflect population

  • Based on 2008 American Community Survey Census estimates

Comparing results

  • Our results were compared to a National Research Center database of 500
  • The percent of residents rating the service or community feature as “excellent” or “good” is presented
  • The results are noted as “above”, “below” or “similar to” as compared to the other jurisdictions included in the benchmark comparison

Above Above
Similar Similar
Below Below

“Similar” is when our results are within three points on the 100-point scale of the average response in comparison jurisdictions

8 Broad Categories Combining Characteristics and Services

  1. Community Quality
  2. Community Design
  3. Public Safety
  4. Environmental Sustainability
  5. Recreation & Wellness
  6. Community Inclusiveness
  7. Civic Engagement
  8. Public Trust
  • Overall quality of life 87%
  • Your neighborhood as a place to live 86%
  • Surprise as a place to live 90%
  • Recommend living in Surprise 91%
  • Stay in Surprise next 5 years 87%

5 Broad Services Categories

  1. Community Design
  2. Public Safety
  3. Recreation & Wellness
  4. Environmental Sustainability
  5. Civic Engagement
  • Planning/Zoning 53%
  • Code Enforcement 49%
  • Economic Development 42%
  • Street Lighting 69%
  • Traffic Signal Timing 47%
  • Animal Control 69%
  • Street Repair 44%
  • Sidewalk Maintenance 68%
  • Street Cleaning 76%