Backflow Prevention Owner Information

A backflow preventer is a mechanical device that is designed to protect the public water supply system from contamination. There may be a physical connection to equipment or water of either unknown or questionable quality, thereby requiring the installation of a backflow preventer device.

A test shall be completed on each backflow preventer prior to being put in to service, after repair or having the meter installed. Testing of the device is required a minimum of once a year or at time of a repair, and then once per year thereafter.

Owner Responsibility

  • It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the devices are tested.
  • The testing of devices shall only be tested by an approved and certified tester.
    Download a list of approved & certified testers
  • A current certified and calibrated test gauge shall be utilized for the test.
  • Copies of the test report are to be sent to the owner of the device, the water provider, and the tester.
  • If a devices is replaced a new certification is required.

Owner’s Contact Person

Owner contact person is defined as the person responsible for the backflow prevention devices’ maintenance and records.

Records should include:
  • Test reports
  • Repairs
  • Replacement

Old Devices Replacement Information

If this test is for a replacement device, please include all information for the replacement device on the form. This includes the manufacturer, model number, serial number, size, and type of devices. Additionally, all old device information must be included on the form in the comments section.

Setting the Meter

After City has set meter, backflow protection devices are, to be tested, within 48hrs. Reports, submitted to Environmental within 48hrs.