Consolidated Plan 2015-19 and Annual Action Plan 2016-17

City of Surprise has completed drafting the Five-Year Consolidated Plan 2015-2019 and the Year One Annual Action Plan 2015-16. These plans will go to City Council in the April 5, 2016 workshop & April 19, 2016 for approval.

In accordance with the federal regulations 24 CFR, Part 91, the City of Surprise is required to prepare and submit a Five-Year Consolidated Plan to HUD for city's community development and housing programs. The Consolidated Plan allows for identifying funding priorities for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Home Investment Partnership (HOME), and other local agency funding programs. These funds must meet HUD National Objective of benefiting low- to moderate-income persons in the City of Surprise.

The Consolidated Plan 2015-19 consists of:

  • Proposed priority and needs eligible under CDBG, HOME and other local agency funding described under the Strategic Plan for the next five years.
  • Specific projects described in the Annual Action Plan 2016-17.
The types of projects usually funded include homebuyer activities, rental housing activities, housing rehabilitation, economic development, public facilities construction, infrastructure improvements, recreation facilities, facade improvements, and public services. In the past, the city has used these funds for housing rehabilitation, flood drain improvements, expansion of a community park, and purchasing a fire truck which all benefit low- to moderate-income persons in the Original Townsite area of the city.

The proposed Year One Action Plan 2016-17 aims at implementing activities consistent with the established objectives in the Consolidated Plan. Under this plan, CDBG funds will be used for:
  • Neighborhood Improvements.
  • Public service activities through nonprofit organizations.
  • CDBG carried over funds from previous year will be used to improve city’s Original Townsite (OTS) Utility Feasibility Study and Senior Center parking lot improvements.
On request documents can be made available in alternate formats.