Tourism Advisory Commission

The promotion and expansion of tourism in Surprise is one of the primary goals of the Tourism Advisory Commission. Surprise is poised to present a "unique" local flavor that will sustain the community while capturing the tourism element to improve its return on investment in quality programs and services. Economic activity in Surprise will be enhanced as we infuse tourism dollars into the local economy. Tourism is a natural extension to enhance the work that has already been done at the local and regional level.

Surprise developed rapidly, and now, as we enter a new and exciting phase of sustainability and progress in the development of our tourism industry; we are exquisitely aware of the consumer climate. Our marketing approach and end products must be based on consumer feedback which call for high levels of service, value and uniqueness.

The Surprise Tourism Advisory Commission is committed to pursuing the key results areas using the strategies outlined in this five year plan which emphasizes collaborative industry partnerships, entertainment corridors, establishing the viability of a resort in Surprise while preserving the natural amenity of the White Tanks, and promoting Surprise as the gateway to the Western Heritage Trail.

Download the Strategic Plan
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Commission Members: Term Expires:
Marco Daleo, Chair - Hotel Representative
June 30, 2019
Mario Rana, Vice Chair – Restaurant Representative Sept. 6, 2020
Gina Narez - Hotel Representative
June 30, 2021
DeAngelo Hall - Resident June 30, 2021
John Williams  - Resident June 30, 2021
Glenn Stark - Chamber of Commerce Sept. 6, 2019
Chris Hall – Restaurant Representative Sept. 6, 2020