Fire Department Training Division

Training DivisionThe Surprise Fire Department Training Division is committed to staying on top of the latest fire fighting and emergency response techniques and information, so that our growing department remains ahead of the curve!

The Training Division is part of the Surprise Fire Administration, located in the Public Safety Building at Surprise Civic Center.  

This division is lead by a Division Chief of Training and a Training Captain.

The Training Division mitigates the following training:

  • Recruit Firefighter training
  • Monthly training
  • EMS training
  • Drivers training
  • Haz Mat training
  • Career development
  • Required OSHA training
  • Wildland Training
  • The Westside Training Consortium
Training is typically conducted at the Surprise Public Safety Building or at the Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center (GRPSTC).  The Training Division has embraced technology and is filming the majority of training sessions, with the goal of creating an online training library. This will allow certain training sessions to be available online so Surprise firefighters can participate without leaving the fire stations, remaining close by in the event of an emergency call.