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Arizona Department of Environmental Quality:

Maricopa County Air Quality Department:

To report an air quality violation in Maricopa County:
or call the county hotline at 602.372.2703

Maricopa County Clean Air Make More campaign

National Air Quality Status:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:
Arizona Department of Water Resources Conservation page:

EPA WaterSense Water Savings Calculator:

Water- Use it Wisely:
U.S. Green Building Council:

Valley Metro: or call 602.253.5000
Northwest Valley Dial-A-Ride: or call 602.266.8723

National Tree Benefit Calculator: 

Michigan State University Turfgrass Science

Surprise Sustainable Water Use Guide
Sustainable Surprise

Air Quality Water
Public Transit Hybrid Vehicles
Solar Surprise LEED Rebates
Recycling Solar Tracker
water saving plant guide

What can you do?Air Quality Alerts

What can you do?What can you do?
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