Community &  Recreation Advisory Commission

About the Commission

Members of the Community and Recreation Services Advisory Commission act as advisers to the City Council on matters pertaining to the city's parks, facilities, recreation programs, special events, library operations and open space development.

This Commission shall consist of seven voting members who are residents of the city and remain so during their terms of office.

The Commission meets at City Hall, once per quarter. Meeting dates are posted in accordance with state law and can be found on the City Calendar.

For more information about the Community & Recreation Services Commission, please contact Layne Lackey at 623.222.2249, or

Commission Members: Term Expires:
Wayne Turner - Chair June 30, 2019
Ron Jensen - Vice Chair June 30, 2021
Mark Brown June 30, 2021
Steven Berwald June 30, 2019
Monique Hernandez June 30, 2019
Charlie Woodland June 30, 2019
David Sanders June 30, 2021