Water Services Standards & Applications


There are two kinds of construction water - potable & non-potable. To request construction water in the city of Surprise water service area, an application will need to be filled out and turned in to the city of Surprise. This request can take up to 10 business days for review. Please plan accordingly. Click on links above for the appropriate application. See the Construction Water Guidelines for all other applicable rules.


Dry Well Maintenance

If not properly maintained, drywells can be a source of groundwater contamination and/or cause retention basins not to drain in their required time frame. It is the property owner’s sole responsibility to maintain and keep subsurface storage structures and drywells clean and operating effectively. Dry wells should be maintained annually. Click here for dry well maintenance information from the ADEQ.

Well Design Standards

The city of Surprise has production well specifications as well as a city of Surprise Water Guidelines and Standards available for assistance to developers who intend on submitting bids for construction. These can be obtained through the Utilities Department, infrastructure division. Please call 623.222.6000 or email the water services department for more information.

Pretreatment Device Standards

Pretreatment devices like grease traps or interceptors are required by the city of Surprise for business that discharge a high volume of regulated pollutants into the sewer system. These devices are required to hook up to the City’s collection (sewer) system.

Swimming Pool Backwash Standards

Do not drain your pool water into the street, alleyway or other right of way. Use caution when discharging to your landscaping to not water the same area repeatedly and to not encroach on other private property. If the land surface is not large enough to backwash or drain your pool safely, contact the water services department for guidance on how to properly drain the water into your sewer cleanout to avoid erosion of your or your neighboring properties. Click here for a guidance document on how to drain and backwash your pool legally and safely.