Lock Box Program

Fire Safety Lock-BoxWhat is a Residential Lock Box?

A lock box is a heavy metal box, which is installed on an individual’s home and contains a key to their home. The box is locked by a special key, which only the Surprise Fire Department has access. These boxes are extremely safe and durable. The approximate measurements of the Lockbox are 2" by 4" with black exterior and gold lock insert.

Lock Box Application and Release Form

Why have a Lock Box?

In the event of an emergency, the fire department can use their special key to open the lock box and access your house key to gain entry into your home.  

Advantages to this program:

  • Having a lock box can add precious lifesaving minutes during an emergency.
  • Having a lock box also saves on property damage that gaining entry without a key may cause.
  • Cost: $65.00 (One time fee) Free Installation
  • After purchasing the lock box, the Fire department will contact the homeowner and schedule a time for the FREE installation.
  • The box will be installed on the hinged side of the front door approximately 4’ from the ground.