Station Tours and Safety Education Events

Community Outreach Public Education

Fire crews are in-service 24/7 (available to respond to emergency calls) during these events and may be required to leave for a call or may not arrive as scheduled due to an emergency call.

Note: Minimum (2) Weeks Notice On All Tour and Education Requests.

Station Tours

  • All ages are welcome.
  • Use our interactive map to find the station closest to your location.
  • You may also schedule a tour for your group (groups of 5-20). Our education and community outreach team will be there if/when crews get called away.

Community Events

  • Fire crews also participate in school events, organized block parties, community parades, health and safety fairs, and other non-profit community events.
  • We are unable to send crews to private birthday parties, business grand-openings, and business marketing events.

Fire & Life Safety Education

  • A new addition during the summer of 2021, our community education specialist is able to organize and provide community groups, businesses and schools with fire and life safety lessons/training.
  • Topics include, but are not limited to: home fire safety, youth fire setter prevention/intervention, water safety, pedestrian/bike safety, injury prevention, CPR/First Aid, fire extinguisher training, Surprise Fire-Medical services

Please submit an online community affairs request form to schedule a tour or event for your group. For more information please call 623.222.5400.

Fire-Medical Department Community Affairs Request Form