Road Rage

Road rage, also known as road violence, is the informal name for deliberately operating a vehicle in a dangerous or violent manner due to anger or frustration with other drivers.

More and more drivers have started acting out their anger when they get behind the wheel. After they’ve been cut off, tailgated or slowed  by a vehicle in front of them, these angry drivers can commit incredible acts of violence – including assault and murder.

If you  feel yourself becoming upset by another driver:
  • Do not take it personally. Most bad drivers aren’t intentionally picking on you.
  • Be aware of danger.  Getting into an altercation with a stranger may cause an injury or even death.
  • Learn to let go! Being the victim of someone else’s careless or aggressive driving is a moment that will pass.
  • Call authorities. The police are very interested in knowing about drivers who are acting dangerously or recklessly and will make an effort to find them if notified.
  • If you feel threatened by another driver, drive to the nearest police station.  Keep your doors locked, and if you are stopped in traffic, leave enough room between you and  the car in front to be able to pull out quickly.
  • Be a courteous driver.  Don’t make obscene gestures, don’t tailgate, use your horn sparingly.