Customer Guide

Dial-A-Ride Transportation
operated by Northwest Valley Dial-A-Ride
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Certified ADA, seniors and other customers with disabilities

Reservations are accepted one to fourteen (1 - 14) days in advance of trip

It is highly recommended that you make reservations well in advance. Please call as far in advance as possible, up to fourteen days; to assure your needs can be met. Reservation schedules are filled quickly and appointments are on a first come, first served basis.

General Public

Short notice reservations are accepted within 24 hours of scheduled trip
Short notice booking (within 24 hours of trip) is available to all other customers based on trip availability.

* We cannot transport medical emergencies. In the event of an emergency, call 911.

*Life-Sustaining Medical Trips are trips to dialysis and chemotherapy treatment are available for a subscription service. Please inquire with Northwest Dial-A-Ride for establishing a subscription.

**To apply for ADA certification, please contact the Valley Metro ADA Certification Office at (602) 716-2100, TTY (602) 534-3159, download the ADA Application or ask your transit operator as you board.

Transportation Fees

Within Surprise:
$2.00 per person per ride
Sun City, Sun City West, Youngtown, El Mirage, & medical offices near Boswell Hospital:
$4.00 per person per ride
Regional ADA Service:
$4.00 per person per ride
PLEASE NOTE: Exact fare is required at time of boarding. Drivers cannot make change!

Children under 6 yrs old must be accompanied by an adult.

Passenger Privileges

Each adult is allowed up to 6 grocery bag size packages; total weight not to exceed 50 lbs. Assistance with packages may be provided up to the front door only and solely at the discretion of the driver.

Destination Guidelines

Transportation is scheduled by appointment and carefully planned. While we make every attempt to take you where you need to go, please be flexible and understanding, as we strive to meet your needs. We are a shared ride system. Operators cannot deviate from the scheduled manifest. Only scheduled passengers will be transported.

Clients with Special Needs

Northwest Valley Dial-A-Ride operators provide origin to destination service. Clients are urged to have a personal care assistant to accommodate any special requirements beyond the standard services we provide. Seat belts must be worn at all times.

No Show Policy

Failing to notify us that you will not be using a scheduled trip, causes the vehicle to be dispatched unnecessarily to your location. No Show incidents cost the city taxpayers thousands of dollars each year. They also inconvenience other riders. For Dial-A-Ride to provide on-time service, the number of Late Cancellations and No Shows must be kept to a minimum.
To emphasize the importance of avoiding No-Shows, Dial-A-Ride has adopted the following No Show policy. A chargeable No-Show violation will be added to a Customer’s record when the:
  • Customer is not at the scheduled pick-up location at the established window time and fails to board the bus within five (5) minutes of the arrival of that bus. (“No Show”)
  • Customer cancels a scheduled trip within two (2) hours of the established Window Time. (“Late Cancel”)
  • Customer chooses not to ride the vehicle after it arrives at the scheduled pickup. (“Cancel at the Door”)
When a customer is marked as a No Show for a scheduled trip, all subsequent trips scheduled for the customer that day will be cancelled.

Passenger Safety Requirements

For your safety: All passengers must wear seat belts. A parent or guardian must provide an approved carseat or approved restraint for each child up to 5 years of age or weighing less than 80 lbs, before boarding the vehicle. Without the proper Department of Transportation (DOT) approved seat or restraint device, the child cannot be transported. The parent or guardian will be responsible for the securement of the restraint device.

Note: According to AZ State law (ARS 28-907) all children weighing less than 80 lbs must be transported in a DOT approved restraint device or car seat.

Passenger Conduct on Dial-A-ride Vehicles

No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed on Dial-A-Ride. The City of Surprise does not tolerate abusive, offensive, dangerous or annoying language or behavior. Should a passenger exhibit offensive/abusive behavior or language, the transit operator will immediately return the offending passenger to the pick-up location or have the passenger removed by law enforcement authorities. Any incident of this type may result in the offender being suspended or permanently barred from using Dial-A-Ride. All passengers must be fully attired (including shoes) prior to boarding the vehicle.

We Need Your Help

We ask your continued cooperation in being ready by the beginning of the quoted thirty-minute window as our operators may arrive anytime during that window. The operator will wait for five minutes after arrival. Weather and traffic conditions may dictate our schedule. Passengers are required to be ready to board the van upon arrival. To reduce delays at gated communities, we request passengers give the dispatcher gate access information, or the passenger may wait outside the gate for the Dial-A-Ride vehicle.
Questions, Suggestions, Concerns Please feel free to call Valley Metro Customer Services at 602-253-5000.