Paid Medical Leave

All full-time regular employees are eligible for Paid Medical Leave (PML) upon hire for a 75% wage continuation benefit for qualified medical reasons as determined by the City’s contracted Third Party Administrator (TPA). The 75% PML benefit is calculated as 75% of the employee’s bi-weekly earnings with a maximum of $4,800.00 per pay period for up to 24 weeks. Employees are required to satisfy a 14-day waiting period to receive PML. Employees will earn PTO and their time will be considered pensionable by ASRS and PSPRS while on PML. Because pension contributions will be deducted from the payment, some employees, depending on pension plan and current deductions, may receive slightly more or slightly less in net pay under PML. Employees will also be eligible for health insurance coverage while on PML. For more information, please read Policy 5.8 Paid Medical Leave Policy.

Please contact your Human Resources representative with questions.