Risk Assessment Program

PD Risk Assessment

Community Service CPTED Program

What is it?

The Surprise Police Department’s Risk Assessment Program is designed to decrease the likelihood of criminal activity while empowering members of the Community through education and awareness. Incorporating principals of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, also known as CPTED, this program includes an on-site visit and survey conducted by one of the Department’s specially trained crime prevention officers.

While conducting a walk-through of the property to pinpoint specific target areas to address, time will be spent discussing personal safety practices and security devices appropriate for both inside and outside the property. Before leaving, the customer will be provided with a list of written recommendations for improving the security of their property. Currently the program focuses on victims of property crimes but is available to all members of the community.

For more information and/or to schedule an officer, please call the Surprise Police Department’s Community Relations and Crime Prevention Unit at (623) 222-4422.


Adhering to the tenets of the Surprise Police Department’s Mission Statement, the Community Relation/Crime Prevention Unit developed a program designed to educate and empower the community in the area of crime prevention and through these efforts reduce crime and victimization. In January of 2007, the R.A.P. (Risk Assessment Program) was born.


The R.A.P., utilizing the principals of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) and good old fashioned common sense practices, has proactive and reactive components. Overall the Program will focus on prevention, empowerment, and education.


  • Proactive Officers of the Community Relations/Crime Prevention Unit will contact members of the community to conduct R.A.P. surveys of their property (residential and commercial) and provide information about crime prevention practices.
  • Reactive Officer of the Community Relations/Crime Prevention Unit will contact victims of designated crimes to conduct R.A.P. surveys of their property (residential and commercial). The officers will discuss the factors and circumstances of the incident with the victims and provide them with preventative information and community resources.

Empowerment and Prevention

Crime occurs when the following three elements come together:
  • Offender - a motivated offender is present
  • Target/Victim - a suitable target is available
  • Place - there is a location the offender feels meets his/her criteria
The R.A.P. will work to eliminate or “harden” the place and target elements of the triangle through education. Armed with information, the community member and/or victim will be empowered to take steps that will deter crimes against them and in their neighborhood.

Surveys and Feedback

The officers conducting the surveys, after meeting with the community member, will provide them with a brief survey to determine their satisfaction with the service provided and obtain additional feedback. The survey will serve as a tool to monitor the desirability of the program and determine what improvements could be made.

Customer Service

Police Departments do an amazing job of responding to calls-for-service. The officers respond professionally and generate the original report. The detectives follow-up and conduct their investigations. The case is then either closed when the suspect is identified and/or arrested, or the case goes unsolved for lack of investigative leads. This is typically where the customer/police relationship ends.

The R.A.P. takes the relationship to the next level. It furthers and nurtures the community relations/customer service components of police service by following up with the victim and providing another level of service. The R.A.P. partners the community and the police together. The R.A.P. solidifies the community police partnership while providing prevention through education and empowerment.

For more information about the Citizen Police Academy please contact the Surprise Police Department’s Community Relations and Crime Prevention Unit at (623) 222-4422.