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The Building and Construction Review Board shall hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the building official concerning the application, interpretation, and enforcement of the adopted technical codes. The board shall also determine the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction and, if applicable, recommend modifications.

The building and construction review board shall be comprised of five members:
(1) One design professional registered by the State of Arizona;
(2) One general building contractor or homebuilder licensed by the State of Arizona;
(3) One plumbing or mechanical contractor registered by the State of Arizona or professional mechanical engineer;
(4) One electrical contractor registered by the State of Arizona or professional electrical engineer;
(5) One fire protection contractor licensed by the State of Arizona, professional fire protection engineer or fire services professional
(6) No members of the building and construction review board shall be employees of the City of Surprise.
(7) Members of this board do not have to be residents of the City of Surprise.

For more information about the Building and Construction Review Board, please contact Cathy Rudder at 623.222.3244, or .

Commission Members: Term Expires:
Martin L. Willis - Chair July 1, 2015
Stephen Berwald July 1, 2015
Richard S. Wilder - Vice Chair July 1, 2016
John C. Hart July 1, 2016
Vacant July 1, 2016

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Vacancies & Application Process Information

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Sec. 2-296. Member selection and replacement process.


The following process shall apply to all openings or vacancies in existing city boards, committees and commissions, as well as the initial appointment of members to all new city boards, committees and commissions, unless otherwise indicated in the codified ordinance or resolution creating the board, committee or commission:

(1) The city clerk shall maintain and distribute applications to all persons interested in being a member of a city board, committee or commission.

(2) All persons, including current board members seeking re-appointment, interested in becoming a member of a city board, committee or commission shall submit their applications to the city clerk's office. Only applications received by the clerk's office shall be considered for openings.

(3) The city clerk shall advertise all board, commission and committee vacancies in a newspaper of local circulation, but no more than once a fiscal year, unless directed to do so by the nominations committee. The advertisement shall run no less than two weeks. The city clerk shall post all openings on the city website, as well as all designated posting locations, during the application acceptance period.

(4) The city clerk shall accept and maintain all applications received during the fiscal year in which it was received by the city clerk.

(5) Upon request by the nominations committee the city clerk shall forward to the chair of the nominations committee all applications and letters of intent received during the fiscal year.

(6) The mayor shall either designate three council members to serve as the nominations, or designate one councilmember to serve as the chair of the nominations committee, with the chair selecting two additional councilmember to serve on the nominations committee. The mayor may make this designation for each opening, or the mayor may elect to appoint a nominations or chair on an ongoing basis, during which all openings would be addressed until such time as the mayor elects to make a new designation.

(7) In the event the nominations committee feels that there are not enough qualified applicants (i.e., applicants that meet the prerequisites) for the opening, the nominations committee shall direct the city clerk to re-advertise the opening.

(8) The nominations committee shall personally interview all qualified applicants. Current board, commission or committee members and staff members shall not actively participate in the interview process. However, the staff liaison will act in an advisory capacity to the nominations committee in developing questions and providing input regarding the needs of the board, committee or commission. The nominations committee may solicit questions from other city staff or the current board, commission or committee members prior to the interview process. All applicants shall be asked the same questions in order to ensure that a fair assessment can be made of each applicant; however, additional questions may be asked for purposes of clarification after the standard questions have been asked. The nominations committee shall select the persons they recommend for the vacancy appointments and submit the names to the city clerk on an agenda action form.

(9) The city clerk shall provide the finalists with the date, time, location and any other appropriate information regarding the council meeting at which their possible appointment will be discussed.

(10) The finalists shall be presented to the city council at a regularly scheduled meeting.

(11) The city council shall review the finalists recommended by the nominations committee and fill the openings by a majority vote of the city council.

(13) The city clerk shall swear in all newly appointed members. Any newly appointed member not available to participate in the formal swearing in process at that first meeting shall make arrangements to be sworn in by the city clerk prior to acting in the capacity as a board, commission or committee member.

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