Does Surprise provide bulk trash pickup?
Bulk Trash is material that is too large or bulky for regular collection. Bulk trash could include collection of furniture, large appliances, and large amounts of vegetation or limbs and is free for up to three cubic yards. Small amounts of vegetation or yard debris can be bagged and tied with your regular trash. The Solid Waste Division will haul the first 3 cubic yards (1 cubic yard is approximately the size of a full-size washer or dryer) at no charge per fiscal year (July-June). Should you elect to schedule additional pickups, EXCESS BULK TRASH WILL BE BILLED AT THE RATE OF $8 PER CUBIC YARD. No dirt, rocks, concrete, concrete blocks, bricks, roofing materials, batteries or hazardous materials will be collected.More Bulk Trash Info

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Q: Does Surprise provide bulk trash pickup?
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