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It Can Happen to You

Property Crime Prevention Begins With You

Did you know that 60% of property crimes are preventable? Leaving a car door unlocked or house window open while you are away greatly increases your risk of becoming a victim.

“Property crime is a crime of opportunity,” says Police Chief Michael Frazier. “Criminals are in the business of taking what is right in front of them, so when we leave our garage doors open, forget to lock the car door or leave golf clubs in an open golf cart, we are making it very easy for them.”

The idea behind the “It Can Happen to You” campaign is to remind residents that anyone can become a victim of property crime and that in most cases they have the power to prevent it.
  • My back window was double locked... They broke the window... Get alarms AND a security camera.
  • Thief must have used garage door opener that was on visor to enter garage.
  • Upon hiring a house painter... "He kept leaving my home through the garage.... I later found out he was checking it out. Not only was lots of stuff stolen from the garage but also our home."
  • "My attention was diverted on my 3 year old and my wallet was gone within those seconds."
  • "I keep my vehicle in the garage whenever possible." "Make yourself the lesser target."
  • "Help report suspicious activity in your neighborhood. It's better to be cautious, than sorry."
  • "When I walked back into my living room there was an intruder that cut through my screen patio door..."
  • "Keep your alarm on when you are home or away… I am a lucky survivor but the experience is life changing."
  • "I used my debit card at a local gas station… entered my pin number… someone swiped my information and withdraw $500 from my account."
  • "The mail was taken by a thief, including the brand new box of checks."
  • "Property crime doesn’t always happen at home.... Would recommend the shrouded padlocks for trailers, storage units and sheds…."

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checkmarkKeep garage doors closed.

checkmarkKeep TVs, computers and items of value away from windows where they are easy to spot from thieves.

checkmarkLock all doors to your home and keep windows closed and locked, particularly if you are not home.

checkmarkMake it look like you are home (pick up newspapers, leave a radio on and close shades).


checkmarkPark your vehicle in the garage. If a thief can’t see it, the chance of having it stolen lessens.

checkmarkLock your doors no matter where you are parked.

checkmarkKeep items of value out of plain site, store bags, etc… in trunk.

checkmarkDon’t keep personal information in your car (social security number, bank account numbers, credit cards).

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